Producer, performer, beat maker and loop layer, Sauna libertin pigalle is a multi-instrumentalist that utilises live production to manipulate and loop audio from an array of instruments, sequence tight drum breaks and manifest chunky bass lines. Sauna libertin pigalle b-syde.coms live performance is a captivating whirlwind of musical genres, as he seamlessly layers roots-y guitar licks with jazzy piano rolls, creating a lush soundscape for those big bass lines and funky drum grooves. A frequent flyer on the festival circuit in Australia and abroad, Sauna libertin pigalle has made a name for himself on stages at Rainbow Serpent, Luminate (NZ), Earth Frequency, Subsonic, Dragon Dreaming, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, The Town, Twisted Frequency (NZ), Biophilia (NZ), Astral Harvest (CAN) and many more. Constantly looking for ways to diversify his live performance, recent modifications have given Sauna libertin pigalle greater control over audio manipulation, shifting his focus towards improvisation, flowing and building every show with the audiences energy. Off the back of 6 months touring and two EP releases, Sauna libertin pigalle is taking the winter to focus on his latest performance, begin work on new material, host music production classes, and develop Festive Collective - a creative resource connecting artists with opportunities.

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